Portugal has an efficient transportation network of light rail, bus, metro, and ferry. But, their high speed train system lags behind the rest of Europe.

Public Transportation

Most cities in Portugal have public transportation to serve the community. The systems in Portugal’s biggest cities of Lisbon and Porto are world-class.


Portugal’s capital…

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You’ve probably heard of a “dive bar” but what about a “free dive?”

Tied House

A tied house is a bar or pub that sells beer from a single brewery. The tied house system is still common in the U.K. but was outlawed in Canada as anti-competitive. In the U.S. tied houses…

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Hawaii is the only state where cacao trees can be commercially grown. This makes for some of the best farm to bar chocolate in the world.

Where cacao grows

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Although you can now get limoncello all over Italy (and in most of Europe or any self-respecting Italian joint in the US), its home is the Amalfi Coast region where the famous Sfumato, or Sorrento, lemons are grown.

I first encountered limoncello decades ago at Nonna Cherubina restaurant (don’t look…

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Spouting Horn of the Ancient Lizard Origin Story

On the Hawaiian island of Kauai at Spouting Horn Park is a fun attraction called the Spouting Horn of the Ancient Lizard. As waves roll in, ocean water fills an underwater cave. The cave narrows to a small opening on the rocks above water level. The pressure from the water…

New London Ledge Lighthouse (photo: Brent Petersen)

A Connecticut lighthouse has distinct architecture and a chilling ghost story.

New London Ledge Lighthouse Origin Story

There’s been a light beacon at New London Harbor in Connecticut since 1761. This light helped guide ships into one of the most important ports of New England during the Colonial period.

But, that lighthouse wasn’t enough. Vessels navigating…

Montezuma Castle, Verde Valley, AZ (photo: Brent Petersen)

This well-preserved cliff dwelling in Arizona has nothing to do with the Aztec emperor, nor was it a castle.

Earliest Settlers

The Native American Sinagua people lived in central Arizona’s Verde Valley starting around 500 CE. The Sinagua were hunter gatherers, eating local game like antelope and bear as well as smaller…

When you travel as a couple, you want to sit together on the plane. But, this creates a problem. Who gets the aisle seat and who gets stuck in the middle?

Traveling as a couple is great. You get to share the experience (and expenses) with someone you love. But…

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The Athens Music Walk of Fame is a relatively new addition to town, celebrating the longstanding music scene and wide range of artists who have called Athens home. In 2020, ten inductees were honored with plaques installed in the sidewalk of a 2 block area of downtown defined by Pulaski…

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse (photo: Brent Petersen)

The lighthouse with the most powerful lens in the United States was also used as the secret home for witnesses in a mob trial.

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse origin story

In the late 1887, Sanford B. Dole (it was Dole’s cousin James who founded the Hawaii Pineapple Company which later became the Dole Fruit Company), along…

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