Chocolate and hazelnuts seems like a match made in heaven. But it took a war to bring them together.

Turin, Italy is the unsung chocolate mecca of Europe simply because this is the home of the iconic sweet mixture of Chocolate and Hazelnuts. These two ingredients were first combined during…

When your city lies on seven hills you’ve got lots of great views. This one is my favorite in Lisbon because the beautiful Tagus River and St. George Castle are both in its sightlines.

The Miradouro’s of Lisbon

It’s no secret that Lisbon is a beautiful city. From the flamboyant and Gothic inspired Manueline…

Every TV travel show and guidebook tells you “be a local” when you go on vacation. But, is that really a good idea?

No one wants to be labeled a “tourist” when they travel. Tourists conjure up images of socks with sandals and fanny packs. Tourists are embarrassing. Tourists talk…

November 11th is a day wine lovers look forward to in Slovenia

St. Martin’s Day celebration in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Photo: Brent Petersen)

November 11th is St. Martin’s Day, a feast day celebrated throughout Europe to commemorate Saint Martin of Tours, a Roman soldier who became a monk. Saint Martin is known for giving away all his possessions except his cloak…

The most iconic image of the 80’s Athens music scene is the Georgia Railroad Trestle that graced the back cover of R.E.M.’s first LP “Murmur,” released in 1983.

But, the trestle itself dates back 100 years before the album’s release, to 1883 when it was built to get trains across…

Naples is known as the birthplace of pizza. But, there’s more than just classic Neapolitan pizza in the Città del Sole (City of the Sun)

Pizza origin story

Photo: Brent Petersen

People have been putting things on bread to make it tastier for at least 10,000 years. And, the ancient Greeks put oil, herbs, and cheese…

Portugal has an efficient transportation network of light rail, bus, metro, and ferry. But, their high speed train system lags behind the rest of Europe.

Public Transportation

Most cities in Portugal have public transportation to serve the community. The systems in Portugal’s biggest cities of Lisbon and Porto are world-class.

Portugal’s capital…

Photo: Brent Petersen

Although you can now get limoncello all over Italy (and in most of Europe or any self-respecting Italian joint in the US), its home is the Amalfi Coast region where the famous Sfumato, or Sorrento, lemons are grown.

I first encountered limoncello decades ago at Nonna Cherubina restaurant (don’t look…

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